What to Bring?

Your Dog(s)

  • Exercise and relieve your dog prior to class
  • If class time is near dog's mealtime, feed only 1/2 meal
  • All dogs should have identification, ID tag attached to collar


Edible and Toy Treats

  • Soft, small moist dog treats work best
  • Check with your vet before trying any new treats
  • Small toys (plush or other) if your dog enjoys them as a reward with supervision



  • Six foot leash (leather or nylon)
  • Flat collar (buckle or clip), no prong or chain collars please
  • Halti head collar, sensation harness or gentle leader - Optional
  • Retractable or Flexi leashes are not recommended for training



  • Proof of Rabies and current vaccinations for all dogs over 16 weeks
  • Proof of 2 DHLPP - for puppies 16 weeks or less



  • Mat for dog to lie on
  • Chew bone for quiet time (only if easy to take away)
  • Water and water dish

**Proper prevent injury. No open-toed or sandals please.

**Children must be supervised by an adult not participating in the class.