Science Behind The Method

Picture of JayClass Pup Behavioural Training uses positive operant conditioning to encourage your canine to exhibit desired behaviours and traits. This is a scientifically based method that is backed up by practical experiments and produces predictable and repeatable results. Positive Operant Training uses positive reinforcement - that means that the animal is rewarded in conjunction with good behaviour, which then reinforces the probability that when the pet performs a certain act it will be rewarded. This basic psychological fact can be seen both on animals and humans, and is the core basis of the training used at Class Pup.

The difference between Positive Operant Training and other forms of reinforcement training is that we believe that punishment isn't the way to encourage (or discourage) certain behaviours. Dogs are very fast learners and are quick to establish a connection between a certain behaviour and the receipt of a treat. For complicated behaviours the process can be broken into two steps - one that highlights each step of the desired action.

For many dogs & their owners Positive Operant Training is the high point of the day - both parties get to learn fun new things, earn and give lots of treats, and deepen the understanding and bond between them.