Welcome to ClassPup.com

ClassPup is a progressive canine behavioural training school located in the Windsor-Essex region of Ontario, Canada. Our methods are primarily based upon the teachings of the Karen Pryor Academy, and our correction free training and obedience courses can quickly and easily ensure learning skills for your dog that will last a lifetime.

We offer a variety of classes and private in-home training sessions that are specifically fashioned to build communication skills with your pet, allowing a mutual understanding and a bond of love and trust between you and your pet to develop. Furthermore our courses are designed to not only be effective, but fun for both pet and owner! For more information on our available classes, please click here.

Our flexible class design also allows you to schedule your training sessions when it is convenient for you, at a pace that suits your needs. We can accomodate you whether you want to complete a course within a week, or spread sessions out over a period of months.

Whether it is socialization, correcting behavioural problems or advanced operant training, through our practical and stress free techniques, we can give you the tools you need to transform your pets behaviour - forever!

Harrow Location:

7971 Collison Side Road
Harrow, Ontario