General Classes


For a pup who is too young for the classroom because of health issues, offers you the option to begin training your puppy in the comfort of your home, covering primary social skills, the basics of puppy behaviour, including potty training, crate training and basic cues. A fun way for you and your dog to start learning right away.

*Age: 8 to 12 weeks
*Duration: 4 weeks, 1hour per week

Puppy 101

Introduction to basic cues, covering how puppies learn, socialization, problem solving and prevention, house training and foundation training exercises establishing a strong bond with your new puppy.

*Age: 12 weeks to 5 months
*Duration: 8 weeks, 1 hour per week


Junior Obedience

For the dog who have not received any formal training. Canine good manners, basic cues as well as socialization with humans and animals will be covered.

6 months and older
* Duration: 7 weeks, 1 hour per week


Manners I & II

Requires your dog to have completed Puppy or Junior Obedience or at an equivalent level and wish to continue to build and polish the skills introduced in previous classes. Taking your dog's skills from basic to advanced learning with Public Appearance, Attention& Focus, Self-Control and Communication through a series of different exercises incorporating distance, duration, distraction, loose-leash along with fun agility activities.

*Age: 6 months & older
*Duration: 6 weeks, 1 hour per week


Canine Good Neighbour Course/Advanced

Learning is geared for dogs with the skills required for certification as Canine Good Neighbour. This course is also appropriate for those who wish to have their dog certified as a Therapy Dog.

*Age: 1 year & older
*Duration: 7 weeks, 1 hour per week


Private Lessons

In Home or On-Site

Age: 8 weeks & older
Duration: 4 weeks, 1 hour per week


Introduction to Agility

More than just fun for you and your dog. You will learn the tools for developing behaviours specific to agility while enhancing your dog's attention, learning and communication skills.

Age: 6 months and over ** with approval from your vet**
Duration: 6 weeks, 1 hour per week


Small Dog Classes

We offer small dog classes where small dogs can socialize with dogs of about their own size. It is often difficult for a very little dog to play successfully with a large dog.