Dog & Puppy Training Classes


  • Classes include instruction in reading your dog – dog body language - tips on training techniques and problem solving exercises. 
  • Class attendees receive individual attention and their questions and concerns are taken seriously and carefully addressed. 
  • The tried and tested techniques we use are simple and fun for you and your dog.
  • Our classes use a flexible modular plan which allows people and pets at any skill level to join. The modules fit easily into your personal schedule.


  • All dog breeds are accepted.
  • Other species will be considered.
  • All dogs attending classes must have proof of vaccination.
  • Puppies attending classes must be aged 10-20 weeks. Because of health issues younger puppies are accepted for in-home training only.


  • Early learning and socialization for puppies (all family members are welcomed). We attach great importance to these classes, emphasizing the need for early learning - using training to prevent problems rather than having to cure mistakes later in life. This includes good behavior in and out of the house as well as socialization with humans and animals.
  • Canine good manners and life skills for dogs of all ages (all family members welcomed).
  • Children and pet socialization emphasizing child/dog safety (all family members welcomed).
  • Specialized classes.
  • Foundation skills for canine sports and precision skills for obedience and sports.
  • Working dogs of certain types e.g. service dogs, scent work.
  • Freestyle.


  • Custom classes designed to meet the client’s specific needs can be provided by arrangement for people wishing to use positive operant conditioning to train their dogs in their specialty.


All of our classes are modular. What this means is after you have completed the orientation module, you are free to sign-up for any other modules you wish, in any order. Please take a look at this graph below, which should clearly illustrate this for you:

Graph of available module classes

Much like a University degree, you will notice each module has courses which must be completed to complete the module. Once you have completed a course, you will not be required to complete that course again to satisfy the requirements of another module if it has the same course in it.


We can only work with people who love their dogs, are prepared to spend time on them and agree not to use aversive methods.